'Together we pursue the same goal: improving quality of life through innovation'

Get to know Health Hub Roden

Not all information on our website is available in English. Please contact us if you would like to have more information about our projects.

Health Hub Roden is centered in the world of medical technology and healthy ageing. We form a so-called ‘hub’: a connection between businesses, knowledge institutes and government bodies. We make this connection using our network, our finances and our knowledge, and by providing facilities. Together with businesses, knowledge institutes and the government we pursue the same goal: improving quality of life through innovation.

Knowledge institutes
At Health Hub Roden theory is put into practice. Students, lecturers and other people connected to education are welcome at our workplace. Here they can learn from, and with entrepreneurs. An inspiring look into the future work field.

Do you have research questions within the area of Healthy Ageing or medical technology? We help businesses finding answers. Our students and tutors can start looking for innovative solutions, but we also know how to get the right information and reach the right organizations. For example, when it comes to grants and patents.

The government encourages and facilitates Health Hub Roden. Health Hub Roden is unique for the North of the Netherlands. We expect that employment opportunities will increase, and a better connection is created with other companies. Besides this, Health Hub Roden creates work experience places for people with poor job prospects. Do you have questions regarding government subsidy and laws and regulations? Through Health Hub Roden you can reach the right governments.

New job opportunities
Health Hub Roden offers new chances to people who struggle to access the labor market. We offer specialized training programs. We do this in association with one of our partners who has a job opening. Through us our partner will get a fully trained new employee. Please contact us if you need more information about Health Hub Roden.

Hanzehogeschool Groningen is lead partner and responsible for Health Hub Roden.